A Brief History and

management team

Los Amigos was started by Judy and Shirkie Evans in November of 1972. Los Amigos has always been a local favorite and must visit for apres ski (Picture Below Circa 1989). Los Amigos was purchased by Ron Riley in 1985 and has continued to embody the original vision behind Los Amigos. Judy Evans continues to own a portion of Los Amigos and always checks in when she is in Vail. Los Amigos is historically known for its deck and watching people come down the unusually steep Pepi's Face. If someone slides down Pepi's Face there will be an accompanying roar from the deck. There is no better way to recuperate energy after a long day of skiing or other outdoor activities than eating some nachos and enjoying a margarita with good friends.

​Ron Riley (Right)

Ron Riley (Pictured Right Circa 1984) has been in Vail since 1978 and helped transform Vail into what it is today. Ron is extremely passionate about skiing (why else would he move to Vail) and even started the employee ski race series in 198. Like other locals, Ron came for the winters and stayed for the summers.

Ron has a always been an entrepreneur and businessman. A few years after he arrived in Vail, he started other restaurants and bars such as: The Slope, Baxters and Nicks. Ron also started Russell's in 1989. Long time locals probably remember the animated short: "Thank You Masked Man" which aired on the big screen in The Slope. Ron has recently retired and now his son Drew Riley is operating Los Amigos and Russell's.

Drew Riley

Drew has grown up in Vail and graduated from Vail Mountain School. Drew remembers the original Vail vision and brings his degrees in engineering to the operation of the restaurant. Drew loves to ski and used to race for Ski Club Vail. During the summer, you can catch Drew at the Vail Golf Club. Drew also loves renewable energy and Teslas.

Management Team

Rodney Johnson

Rodney is a long time local and is the General Manager of Los Amigos. Rodney has worked in many restaurants throughout the valley and has been with Los Amigos since 1998. Rodney does not ski much but loves to play golf during the summer. If you meet him you will always remember him.

Tim Curran

Tim has worked at Los Amigos since 1983! He has been a long time Vail resident and can tell you a few things about how the town has evolved over the years. Tim lives to ski during the winter and do every water sport during the summer. You can catch him going skiing almost every day and maybe sneaking into some unknown areas of Vail Mountain.

Todd Purse

Todd has been the Executive Chef of Los Amigos since 1990. Todd has had a passion for Mexican food ever since graduating from culinary school in 1985. Todd loves to take his camper out during the off seasons and get in touch with the outdoors.

HEidi Ham

Heidi has been working with Los Amigos since 1995. She is the Bar Manager and makes sure Los has all of the right tequilas for all of the occasions. She works hard during the summer and winter to really enjoy her off seasons. She loves the outdoors as much as anyone on our team.

Michael Swaringen

Mike has been a bartender and manager with Los Amigos for over 15 years. His passion is to snowboard the hard to reach lines during the winter and rip the professional downhill courses during the summer. If Mike is not at Los he is somewhere on the mountain.

Old Ron Riley.png

Miss KK (Left) with Unknown (Right) - Miss KK has worked with Los Amigos since 1982.

Ron, Ann, Billy, Connie.png

Ron Riley, Ann Riley and Friends At Los Amigos Reopening After Remodel (1995)